Wednesday, December 31, 2008

im spending new years eve, alone .

had plans the day before new years eve, but the plan is constantly changing..

supposedly at first, i wanted to celebrate in MOS with Stephiiekins and Carlston. but i didnt felt right going there. i have my personal reasons for this.
then was planning to go to KL with Darren and thought of sleeping overnight at the hotel after countdown, but couldnt.
so back to Hartamas Square, just-like-every-year.
at the same time, had plans to go to Curve. probably to meet up with Melody, and then hang out with Leonard or Derek. could have met up with Yuin and Desmond too.

but my mood for the rest of the day, DIED.

at first, i was allowed to go to curve. its a yes. but the woman ALWAYS have this last min pms mood and would feel like everything isnt right.
(im not done yet)
then, the younger bro just-couldnt-SHUT-his-friggin-mouth! he said that i was up to something. and im not allowed to go to curve, wtf?!!!! then mom's boyfren had to ruin everything. the old hag started talking bout crap, and that i shouldnt be able to celebrate outside with frens. lastly, my other bro tried to make things better for me. but ended up making a fool of me.

more things happened, but i couldnt care less to explain it. please excuse me.

i really hate this..


Sunday, December 28, 2008

merry christmas!!

listening to :
Blue Jeans by Silvertide

like everyone else says.. better late than never, right?
but like nick says.. there's 12 days of christmas. so.. im, technically, not late, at all . lol

how was everyone's christmas?
mine was quite fun . spent it with the family . had lotsa lotsa fun kiddies games .
and presents!! :)
sorry.. desmond and elena for not being there in goddezz with you guys .
min hui and kai yi, sorry i didnt drop by mardigras that day .
did you guys had fun? :)

so for christmas this year, i sent christmas cards to my lovelies .
i thought, since im 16 this year . send 16 cards?
anyhoo . the christmas cards were sent to :

* Mika Pantaleo ; Hawaii
*Portia Ng ; New Zealand
* Aubrie Sloan ; USA
* Ronnie ; Canada
* Taunia ; Canada

 ( and the rest, Malaysia )

* Kee Wei
* U-Jin
* Leonard
* Voonie
* Zoran
* Jonathan
* Vivian
* Shev
* David

hope you all love your cards :)

im currently blogging using my cousin's laptop, so i might not be online any sooner .
it is simply.. cause.. my laptop is being in repair and its to be reformat . not sure when i can get the laptop back, hmm..
DIE lar.. my songs.. how? D: D: D:

anyways.. HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance .
hope you all have a lovely still-on-going holiday! lol


Saturday, December 20, 2008

tagged by kaiyi :)

listening to :
I Just Want It To Be Over by Keisha Cole feat. Alicia Keys

What is it that bothers you the most currently?
everything ;
im easily agitated and it really bothers me .

What is your favorite thing to do?
listening to music . shoppiiingg (:

What kind of news do you read?
car accidents ;
just wanna make sure no one i know is hurt .

What is your ultimate wish?
to travel around the world :)

Is there someone in your heart right now?
three of them; sean, mack and benjamin
they are deeply missed and forever etching in my heart

Do you believe you can survive without money?
are you kidding? i spend money like water . go figure .

Are you afraid of pain?
not really, i kinda like the pain .
( heck for being a masochist)

What do you feel like doing right now?
i feel like lying down on the park ;
and find any possible stars i can see, to wish upon them

If you like someone, would you confess?
definitely, maybe .

List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
shweeet, friendly and great at playing the piano .

What is the 5 things you are currently passionate about?
* ice skating ; always have
* dancing
* music ; my diary , screaming out loud
* sport cars xp
* purrrpleee [ i will shoot those who dont know this ]

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
chocolate xD

Rich or Happy?
i wanna be happy ..

What is your plan now?
* cricket sound * wait, i think i got something . erm.. nope . *cricket sound, still*<br>

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
derren said that he sees me being happy and alive .
hmm, do you?

What is one thing you love about yourself?
my lips ; i think its sexaay (x

If you could bring only one thing to another world, what would it be?
my ipod :O

Describe yourself in one word.
insane xD

Tag 8 people in your list. List them out & notify them.
* amira
* andrea tham
* esther loong
* juneybunny
* samantha claire
* shazzy khoo
* vinnie_the_pooh xp
* vivian


Friday, December 19, 2008

happy 8teen birthday!

listening to :
Give It Up To Me by Sean Paul feat. Keisha Cole

hope you have a blast!
youre finally legal! =p heh

my utmost birthday wishes to ..

( i have no idea how old you were when this was taken )

thanks so much for your comfort, and for listening to me .
thanks for everything!
never once have i regretted knowing you :) even when we first met.. which reminded me bout the police episode back in feb >_<
we may have our rough times.. (well, technically, that would be me)
whatever happened , youre still the one ill love most .
you brought a piece of happiness back into my life, it means so much to me . and what i appreciate most, is when you opened up to me bout the past and all .
youre a fren and always will be :)
not to mention.. i really, really miss your hugs.. =p

and im hoping that everything goes well for you no matter how many stars i have to wish upon to make that happen ♥



this has gotta be one of the worst day of my life!!!! i fucking hate all the cibai sohai bastards and my useless father!!! this would be the first time being experienced for being in a fucking jail!!! i seriously did nothing!! no drugs no nothing no whatsoever!! long story short.. when i walked out from a dvd shop, some rempits and lala chais came running towards my directions and pushed me down . the sohai policemen chasing after them has mistaken me as one of them!! blind issit?!!! kanasai!! i dont fucking give a shit, i wanna sue those cibais!!! i was put against the fucking car and i was fucking handcuffed!!! fucks i tell you . i seriously couldnt believe what was happening to me then, i kept thinking that i was having a terrible nightmare . hell, i was then sent to damansara police station .
called my father for help, mahai that asshole is in pangkor having fun! what the fucking shit was that?!!! i promised myself, never will i call my father in the hopes that he'll ever be there for me! in the end, called my cousin Anthony to help me . never in my 16 years of life was i scared like hell . i had no friggin idea what was goin on and i was fucking scared like shit! they had my urine tested . they had me questioned . alot of fucking shit happened!!! i can still rmbr myself cryin when i was behind bars, facing those fucking grey unpainted walls . and before Anthony managed to bring me out from there, he had to go through a slight prob cause he's not my father nor guardian, and i didnt have my fucking ic with me!!
you know what, i dont wanna rmbr this fucking night anymore! i spent countless hours in there and i hate it!! i really feel like murdering those fucking sohais!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

happy birthday Leonard ! :)

listening to :
Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson

oooh.. someone's finally 7teen today!

just so you know..
spending time with you 3 hours before your birthday in curve yesterday was really something .
haha :)

gosh, i cant wait to see you at Zoran's party!!

hope you have a blast!
love you, dude ;]


Friday, December 12, 2008

someone wise once told me this

don't look back in grief over the past, for it is gone. do not be troubled by the future, for it has yet to come. live in the present. and make is soo beautiful, that it will be worth the memory.

- Kee Wei ♥


love me , leave me

The very first day of my life

Was the day that you let me go
It was a blessing in disguise
Now I see that I'm beautiful
If all we ever did was fight
We was so disfunctional
Now I've forgotten all the times
And all the days I was lovin you..

Just like a ghost from my past (he's come back to haunt me)
Saying that you want me back (but that's impossible so...)

Love me, leave me
Cause I've already closed that door
Don't want to be
In that pain I've felt before
If I only could be myself
Without your approval anymore
So love me, leave me
If you love me leave me alone

Now there used to be a time
I would've taken you back again
But now without you on my mind
And I'm totally independent
So you can save your little lies
Cause i know whats happenin'
Your missin' me but say goodbye (yeah)
To all the days I was lovin' you

Just like a ghost from my past (he's come back to haunt me)
Saying that you want me back (but that's impossible so...)

Love me, leave me
Cause I've already closed that door
Don't want to be
In that pain I've felt before
If I only could be myself
Without your approval anymore
So love me, leave me
If you love me leave me alone

If you really wanna help
Then you should go
Cause I promised myself
I'd let it alone
At the back of the shelf
Cause where i put what we had
I'll never going back, no

Love me, leave me
Cause I've already closed that door
Don't want to be
In that pain I've felt before
If I only could be myself
Without your approval anymore
So love me, leave me
If you love me leave me alone


Thursday, December 11, 2008

just D.A.N.C.E! its gonna be okay

Just D.A.N.C.E! ;)

Just Dance ( Remix )


until you love me ♥


oooh, im sooo loving Lady Gaga! xD