Thursday, December 20, 2007

pablo, youre a fren i know i'll always have

(12:13 AM) To buy the truth and sell a lie, the last mistake before you die so dont forget to breathe tonight, the last to say good bye: he is really hurting you... not only sentimentaly but physically too
he dosen't even care, you showld forget him as fast as you can
somehow he asked for it. i saw how he treated you. its been years, let it go bie. im always here for you, but this is too much.
think about what he is doing to you
and how he cheated on you
this is not a nice person
he isn't worth a thing
he doesn't diserve you
maybe he was someone else in the past
but he certainly is not that person anymore
the one you loved and cared about
doesn't exist in him anymore
there are millions of men in the world, dont lose yourself for such a dispitable human being. ok, you gotta listen to me... first, this is not about how poeple around you would feel happier, it's about you and only you. second, i'll tell you how you'll be without him: HAPPY AND WELL, he can harm you very hardly if you dont forget him. besides, if you keep harming yourself via him how do you expect to meet the right one? i believe you are the kind of person that gives his/her heart to the one he/she loves and delivers the most of pure loves untill the end and beyond. and I believe that you are too scared to see the fact that you are worth much more and that there is someone better out there waiting for you to stop cutting yourself with this knife you call a person and go meet him.
i can only tell you what I see and try to advice you upon my own experience, but at the end you are the only one that can help yourself for noone can choose for you.
and never forget to smile even when you are sad, for two reasons: 1. you cant let your enemies know you are weak or harmed 2. you never know when someone could fell in love with your smile
and i now it hurts
but it is better to feel a single cut than many many cuts each day
try thinking about this:
you are not the only one that has gone through this before
and certainly you are not the worst case either and yet other people had to move on because they dont have a choice. if they can do so, you can too. i'll be back in awhile. i gotta go and take a bath
........................................ hold on now. first, i had my msn on busy mood as always, but i was away. and my fren pablo, just msg me these. okay, wht he said is true. im hurt. im pissed. and i dont know how pablo knows bout these. i didnt even tell a single soul. mayb, cause he's a real fren who always understood me and never has let me down. someone who always told the truth, and is always there. pablo, my dear fren. im sorry if i ever mis-treated you in any way. youre a fren i hav tht i never asked for. youre always there to guide, and care. thanks so much for everything. my thanks are beyonds any words can say. take care my fren, and i hope to see you soon. xoxo

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Arpegius Moonlight said...

hie honeybee. pablo here. firstly, you never told me that you have a blog. secondly, i am sorry if i hurt you in any way. it was not my intention to do so, but it was my intention to show you the truth and to protect you. i know i hurt you with those sayings. but with my experiences, i don't want you do get hurt from how you already are. i am your friend and i will always be. all i have said to is all i want you to know. do not ever forget to smile. your a pretty girl too, it wont be hard for you to find someone new, when you open up to new love. its hard but i know your strong, and your also scared. i know. knowing that you deserve someone better, you'll find him. in the mean time, let go of edwin. he's not the guy we once knew. i am always here for you to help and console. and of course, your my honeybee XD hahaha. take care my dear. if anything, i am just a call away. now... SMILE!
..... are you smiling yet?
... you better be! say you are!
or i will take all the honey out of you! rofl