Wednesday, September 26, 2007

dedication to kee ;)

[this dedication is to kee. my friend. my brother. ;) ]

kee, my friend. thanks for your understandin, your comfort. and your presence. thanks for bein there. i'll never let you down.

kee, youre the only person who understood how i felt, after everything ive had to go through. tho i seem alright and put on a fake smile, you know tht im not alright. and you never once judged me. thanks.

i know the probs i hav may seem a lil too much for me to handle. but you were there to make me stronger. to hav faith tht i'll know wht to do. to solve the prob. to move on. to know tht he's always with me.

"she's afraid. she's looking down. she's lost. she doesn't know what to do. confused. just plain afraid to move. scared of being hurt again."

you know me well. even tho its just through a pict. you know how i was feelin. the sadness i hav in me. you made my day. ;) i know you hav your own prob to solve. but i'll do anything for you to be happy as wht you did for me. thanks for your dedication. the song was awesome. tho its not really my type. but it has a lil rock to it. =D and you know tht i love it.

i'll be stronger with each day tht i cry. i know he wants me to be happy. i know tht he's in a better place. i know tht he's always here. still here. to be with me i know he never meant to leave me. i'll try not to look at things with grief. he's not coming back, cause he never left. he has always been here. with me.

tho its sometimes easy to forgive for mistakes, but its hard to forget. and you make tht possible. im not forgettin everything, just rmbrin the good times. the reason why im still hanging on, cause i know he's with me. always and forever. i'll hang in there, for myself, for a life ahead, for him, and for you.

im sorry if ive hurt you in anyway. it was never my intention to. may god bless you along your road to a happier life. your faith's strong. you know wht to do. youre the talented and skilled bro i'll ever know. =P sometimes we just wanna not move on. but somehow, we hav to. whtever happens, life still goes on.

the one who owns 2 piano, 5 guitar and tht's popular. =P thanks for your wishes. thanks for bein my fren. thanks for listenin. and thanks for tellin my the truth. and thank you, beyond words. you take good care of yourself aite? im always here for you too ;)


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