Saturday, October 18, 2008

youre my heart and soul ♥

keeeweii korr

( if you ever managed to come online again, i hope you read this )

you know , i really did cried after you left
stupid huh .

but beyond everything ..


more than you can possibly know
despite how busy you are all the time
you've never failed me
youre always the one who made my day
and you always will be in my heart

Sitting there
Seeing you
You smile my way
That's all it takes
And I know
You are something
Very special
You capture
My heart
Fill it with passion
Giving life a new look
Because you have
A way about you
But there's so much more
The tears flow instantly
There's something
About you
And my heart only knows
Just from seeing you



Hilmi Ramlan said...

hey abbie!! :D u love Lara Jade do you? She's my classmate here in Univ. hehehe :) she's alright.. very beautiful style. =)

i dance with the devil said...

omgg , of course i do . she has soo much inspiration and i just love her pictures ! she's my idol too ;p
woah ... thats unfair ! i wanna meet her !! ;p ;p

Hilmi Ramlan said...

hahah well..she's abit sombong la.. hahha...biasa la.. hmm but yeah..

i dance with the devil said...

owels .. ppl are sombong these days, no ? haha
which UNI you at ?
gosh, havent talked to you in such a long time !

Anonymous said...

The matchless message, is interesting to me :)